The Hike to Eternity

Hike to Eternity, is two regular guys discussing the fundamentals of Christianity as they day hike along four popular Pacific Northwest hiking trails. These are fundamental issues and topics that every Christian should know. The series of hikes is the vehicle for explaining the various elements of Christianity to a new believer or to a non-believer who is curious about what Christianity is.

The first hike opens with Jack and Sam deciphering events that could be called a ‘God thing’. When Sam discovers that these events are God reaching out to get his attention, his response is wanting to know more about God. That’s when the meat of the book begins.

The Hike to Eternity builds and explains tools for developing a healthy relationship with God. A relationship that will grow with the reader into an eternity with God. Like a staircase, each hike builds on previous hikes. Topics build on topics. Step by step, they outline practical keys that evidence by a strong, healthy and victorious Christian life.

The Hike to Eternity could be considered a primer into ‘The Way’: the pure and basic Christianity the first century Christians knew, long before traditions and doctrines of men were adopted. The discussions Jack and Sam have are meant to raise and answer questions believers, unbelievers and not yet believers would have about what Christianity is and what it is to be and how to be a follower of Christ.