Hike to Salvation

The first e-book in the Hike to Eternity series, is an introduction to the spiritual world that surrounds us. The main characters meet when Jack acts to save Sam’s older daughter from a being hit by a reckless driver. The following spring, Sam runs into Jack who is gearing-up to pursue his passion for hiking. Both times they meet, Jack casually comments that their meetings have been a ‘God thing’. Hearing ‘God thing’ rings a bell with Sam and he wants to know why.

That afternoon they rendezvous to hike Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum. Sam, who identifies as a Christian, has no interest in Jesus, God or anything spiritual. However, he has this growing curiosity about odd coincidences he has been experiencing. Jack points out that God in various ways uses His Holy Spirit to get our attention. In the format of two regular guys walking and talking together, Jack becomes Sam’s tutor, answering his questions and showing him ‘The Way’ of God’s salvation. Sam is introduced to the spiritual realm, learning the importance of knowing God and having a relationship with God.

Discussions along the Hike to Salvation:

● What is a God thing?

● What is a Cultural Christian?

● What is Truth?

● What is the Gospel of Jesus?

● Who is God? / Who is Satan?

● What are God’s Laws? Six of the ten commandments are just for people.

● What is Sin?

● Why is Jesus the only way to God’s salvation.

● Jesus, our road to salvation.

● Repentance

● Who is the historical Jesus?

● What does it mean to be saved?

● When is it Hope? When is it Faith?

● What is the bible?

● The sinner’s prayer.

● Starter Scripture: the Gospel of John

● How to Pray.

Spoiler Alert: Sam Chooses to accept Jesus as his lord and savior. Read the next e-book to see how Sam acquires the tools to grow his relationship with God.