Hike to Discipleship

The second e-book in the Hike to Eternity series picks up on the heels of the first book. Sam has met the creator of life, the universe and everything. Now he is hungry to grow his relationship with God.

Jack and Sam rendezvous in Seattle’s Discovery Park. Walking the park loop, they explore the ways that God speaks to people. Jack introduces Sam to some of the guidelines God has prescribed for people to live godly lives. Sam discovers that God is constant and that thru time, people have always faced the same issues, the only things that change are fashion and tech.

Jack provides Sam with practical tools for grounding and cultivating his relationship with God. Sam learns how to hear from God and where to find other believers. Sam also learns of the first sacrament Jesus prescribed: water baptism.

Discussions along the Hike to Discipleship:

● One aspect of the sabbath is that it was made for us, for our health and well being.

● Four of the ten commandments are between God and us.

● What does Holy mean?

● Jesus condenses the ten into the two greatest commandments.

● e-Bibles vs hard copy Bibles

● The power of dreams

● How to sort thru so many bibles

● Water baptism, why? how?

● Filters to find a church or body of believers.