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Christer is one of those city kids who loves nature. Always feeling more comfortable in green spaces, at 25 he left the inner city of Chicago to build a new life in the Pacific Northwest. In Chicago he had become a high school teacher. He loved the actual teaching and prep, but hated the other non-teaching stuff that came with the job. In Seattle, he studied to become a mechanical engineer. He has specialized in aircraft structural design and loved the creative aspects of design and the puzzle solving that became his daily routine.

Growing up in the turmoil of the hippie era, Christer identified with his rebellious generation. Then one Friday evening in his sophomore year of high school he attended a Jesus concert. There he met the creator of life, the universe and everything. He accepted Jesus into his heart, discovered real truth and since that moment, has never been alone. His rebel energy became fulfilled with a healthy focus.

Christer has 3 children and 2 step sons. Together with his wife, they have a happy home on the other side of the mountains where they raise rabbits, quail, have a small orchard and tend their gardens.

Christer’s engineering work often involves travel on assignment. Working and residing in over a dozen cities around the continent, he has experienced countless churches and seen the fallout of creeping biblical illiteracy. Combining his teaching and engineering backgrounds, Christer compiled a manual for anyone to know more about the fundamentals of Christianity, as the very first Christians knew it.

When not working, gardening or writing, Christer’s favorite pastimes are hiking, biking and spending time with wife 2.0.

Yes, that’s Christer’s dog.


And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.
Ephesians 4: 23-24